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What's the problem with Privileged Accounts?

Managing access to your key data and systems, can be an incredibly complex process. Whether it’s finding all the privileged accounts created by default on your network or attributing activity to a specific, identifiable user, understanding the issue and implementing the necessary protection can seem overwhelming.

But managing this is essential if you really want to protect your data.

Privileged Account Management for dummies

Privileged Account Management for dummies, gives you the practical advice you need to understand privileged account management, its security implications, and how to secure your organisation.

The easy to digest 'for dummies' format with added technical detail for IT and systems administrators, ensures it’s simple enough for beginners, but also smart enough for experts.

Your free copy of PAM for dummies will help you learn:

Why privileged accounts can threaten your business

How to find all the hidden accounts in your network

Practical tips and advice from security experts

The best ways to protect your privileged accounts

Why Choose Thycotic?

The fastest growing provider of Privilege Management solutions, Thycotic secures more than 10,000 organisations worldwide including Fortune 500 enterprises - giving the company unique insight into the challenges enterprises are facing. Thycotic’s award-winning Privileged Account Management minimises risk, limits access, and controls applications on endpoints and servers.

Get Privileged Account Management for dummies - Thycotic Special Edition and learn the top ways to secure your organisation's key accounts

What will I learn from PAM for dummies?

Digest this easy 24-page read of PAM basics, how to reduce your risk and why privileged accounts are a target for hacks.

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Wileys' Privileged Account Management for dummies - Thycotic Special Edition
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Wileys' Privileged Account Management for dummies - Thycotic Special Edition